Massdrop currently has a drop of the TH-X00 headphone.  This is an exclusive headphone is made specifically for Massdrop by Fostex.  Previous drops have lacquered mahogany earcups and have been well received.  The current drop uses purpleheart.   The only complaint I have read is around the long 10′ non-detachable cable.  For most, this hasn’t been a major issue since most owners plan on using these at home.

Fjrabon has a very detailed review of these headphones on Head-Fi.


Pros: Sub Bass, Mid bass, lower mids, forward presentation, smooth, soundstage for closed headphone, good detail, warm, fun, smooth energetic treble
Cons: imaging accuracy, upper midrange/lower treble are a bit wonky, non-detachable 10 foot cable

Review of the TH-X00