Currawong has a video and written review of Schiit’s Vali2 on Head-Fi.  He and many others really like this little inexpensive amp.  He also goes into a bit of detail around the various tubes you can roll through the Vali 2.  I tagged this as an audiophile device based on reviews from Currawong and from discussions with others. I actually know of two folks (who shall remain nameless) who actually prefer this over their other $1,000 amp stages.


Pros: Small, cheap, powers even HE1000s like it owns them and IEMs are also OK. Entertaining, slightly loose sound. Huge range of tubes can be rolled.
Cons: Stock tube is so-so. Pre-amp isn’t great. Casing has sharp edges. Your GF/wife will steal it and you’ll have to buy a second one.


Vali 2 Review